• Branded 3D Environments

    Attendees can navigate in stunning virtual venues, custom designed as per locations and themes. These include static & dynamic branding opportunities.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Attendees can network at the social lounge, and schedule one-on-one meetings. At the stalls, they can engage with HR teams or sponsor representatives.

  • Dynamic Content. Innovative Media.

    Presentations, corporate films and demo videos can be produced using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Multimedia.

  • Multitrack. Multilingual.

    Parallel webinars and video round tables can be hosted. The presentations can be live or pre-recorded, and streamed in multiple languages.

  • Live Polls, Q&A and Feedback

    Attendees can engage with speakers in real time. The host can then share audience feedback and poll results live.

  • Targeted Notifications

    Timely reminders and notifications can be pushed, to ensure speakers and attendees stay on schedule, and to drive traffic to key sessions.

  • Games, Contests & Workshops

    Gamification & team building activities are a great tool to drive brand communication. Boosting participation among employees, and allowing sponsors to engage customers.

  • Custom Dashboards & Virtual Avatars

    Attendees have a personal profile page, where they can create schedules and save notes and business cards. Virtual avatars can navigate within the venue, and interact with other avatars.

  • Live Chat Support

    Hosts can enable real time assistance, with our live support teams who ensure a hassle-free experience for attendees.

  • Measurable Insights

    Data tracking and analytics enable the host to monitor each activity and receive detailed reports, enhancing ROI.


We are more than a platform or content enabler. We collaborate with you to curate unique experiential solutions, that help you meet your business goals.


We design compelling audio-visual content and 3D environments, built around you and your customer.


We deploy cutting-edge digital tools and production technologies, to deliver your brand communication in the most impactful way.

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A curated experience with the right mix of content design, technology integration, secure tools and production expertise. With over a decade of experience in the digital domain, brands trust us to deliver bespoke digital solutions.

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